Sending money via whatsapp

Hi all, so i tried sending money for the first time via whatsapp so i didnt have to give my account details. All seemed fine. They said they had it and even screenshot it saying success but this morning i had an alert from monzo saying ‘payment declined because the account details are invalid’ it doesn’t say if it is my end or theirs but quite confused. Anyone know why this is? Thanks

Which country are you in?

As far as I can tell the Payments feature doesn’t seem to be available in UK WhatsApp yet.

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In the UK, its odd as it let me do it and they said it had been received

Has your balance gone up down or stayed the same?

It sounds like you did Pay someone > share a link. And they have put wrong payment details so the payment bounced , if the screenshot shows their bank details ask them to double check if those details are correct.

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To clarify

Are you referring to WhatsApp Payments?

Or Monzo Pay with Link?

Or something else?