Pay Anyone by link

(Sheri Farsani) #1

Paying people just got easier. You can now pay anyone with just a link!

Making Monzo: Pay anyone by text or email
[iOS] Making Monzo "Pay Anyone" Community link shouldn't go to locked Making Monzo thread
(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #2

Didn’t we do this already?

(MikeF) #3

I assume it’s out of labs and into the wild now.

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #4

Ahhhh, right, Labs. That’ll be it.

(Ayrton Peel) #5

Just a heads-up, there’s a typo in the recipient screenshot so I guess it’s there in use too. It says “clain” instead of “claim” :blush:

(Stephen) #6

Interested in how the research turned out for this.

Just if I was to receive a link that said somebody wants to send me money and all i had to do was enter my bank details - I’d be quite sceptical.

(Sheri Farsani) #7

Good spot! We’ve changed it :grin:

(Chris Rimell) #8

If you received it without expecting it, yes, but I’d assume if you owed anyone money you’d talk with them about how you were going to pay them and not just send them a link without contacting them

(Nathan Steer) #9

I noticed this in my payments tab yesterday (or maybe this morning, I’m not sure :man_shrugging:), but it doesn’t seem to be there any more :confused:


This is still showing in labs for me but not in the main app… is it supposed to have fully launched? (iOS 12.1.3 and Monzo latest app v2.33.0)

(Stephen) #11

I’m imagining there would be plenty of use cases where you don’t owe anyone any money though i.e. you just want to send them money. Say for example - a present?

I don’t know. Just not overly sold on the whole principle. Think people of a certain age would look at this sceptically.


I think it’s more a roundabout way to promote account signups.


I think the point is you’d talk to them and agree what you owed (eg: for buying flights for a holiday), then you’d send them the link to save you having to type their bank details in.

NB: you’d only use this feature if you didn’t know the bank details for the account they wanted the money transferred to.

It also takes a little stress away from making sure you’ve typed in the correct bank details to send the money and makes things a little easier.


I’m really glad the early feedback was taken seriously, the changes (at least in my opinion) make this much more attractive to use than its initial design.

Usually you tell someone you’re going to give them money surely?

(Stephen) #15

Like I say, not necessarily. If I was sending it as a present I’d want it to be a surprise.

I think there’s an underlying trust issue too - not many people know of Monzo, so trying to persuade them that it’s safe etc… might be tough. Don’t know how this can be fixed though.

(TWM) #16

Indeed, I tried to send some cash to my friend by txt and much as I tried to convince her it was safe, she just refused to enter her details as she has never heard of monzo. I showed her it online, I showed her it being my main bank, I pleaded with her but she was just a straight out NO, and in fairness I canni blame her as there is always some story on the news or in the papers about someone losing thier life savings to some dodgy scheme, we have all been programmed to be so defensive with our personal info.

(Chris Rimell) #17

How did you pay her in the end?

Lots of people text or email their bank account details which is massively insecure by comparison

(Andy) #18

This is an excellent feature. Well done.

I will now use this to pay mates rather than PayPal.


This has been released? Still in labs for me. These mis-haps seem to happen a lot, where teams seemingly don’t talk to eachother.

Is it out of labs or not? Head is fried…

(TWM) #20

I haven’t, I need to give her a old fashioned physical tenner… :frowning:

I agree, I did try to explain that but she was just having none of it, she was scared because she was sure that Monzo (the bank she has never heard of) will store the data on a big machine somewhere and therefore will be insecure…