Can't open Monzo account

I did. It is the same result as above photo

Yes. I think so. What should i do now?. Should I write sm email to them?

If by “them” you mean Monzo then no. It’s unlikely they will change their stance.

You’re best looking for another bank and if they decline you too then you will need to contact cifas to understand why.

Could you advise which banks I can open without proof my address. I am staying in the UK visa Visitors Visa. I will do Spouse Visa soon.

Try Starling?

Nobody is going to give you an account if you have a serious CIFAS marker.

Speak to CIFAS and see what they say about it. Nobody on here can tell you the answer, you need to speak to them directly.

Monzo have said no, that’s the end of that.

I have never lived in the UK before. So i don’t think i have cifas maker. Anyway, i would love to know how can i check it? If i have cifas maker, what should i do?

It is very likely that you were declined due to address issues (in combination with multiple account attempts)

Banks are required to ascertain your address and without proof of address they can’t. Also not sure if many banks would open an account for someone who doesn’t yet have right to remain in the UK

Try opening a prepaid account like Transferwise Borderless for the time being and once you have a right to remain and proof of ID, try opening a full account

People mentioning Cifas is a bit confusing as I think the issue is as above :point_up_2: but if you have any reason to believe you would be included on a Cifas database, by all means submit a SAR

Not wanting to derail this thread, and I’m sure other banks declined applications behave in a similar way so this is not specific to Monzo, but I don’t understand why more context cannot be given when declining an application?

I know they don’t have to give a reason for declining, but would it not be easier to do so?

Even just to give a reason of e.g. something you have told us doesn’t match your credit file/you already have a pending application with us etc?
I get that there may be things they can’t be specific about in order to not harm their anti-fraud measures (I assume that’s the reason), but would have thought some context would be possible?

Just wondering, but I don’t have the knowledge obviously to know why it is the way it is :slightly_smiling_face::man_shrugging:.
I was really excited to get my Monzo account and switch over, so can imagine if I got a decline without any reason, I would be scratching my head until the end of time wondering why :weary:.

It sounds like from one of the OPs posts that Monzo are still verifying the original application.

I’m sure it’s confusing an upsetting but there are other banks you could try without needing to visit a branch

Alternatively you could visit Metro Bank. They have pretty funky looking branches and great customer service

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I have the same problem…sad.
I tried to email Monzo support and there reply was just not helpful, which only ask me to read their privacy terms.

And I am the same situation as u. There’s no way we would have record in the CIFAS. I have also tried to take a look in CIFAS to get a report, and not able to do so. CIFAS need the requesting person to verify their identity, and one of the requirements is providing last 6 years of UK address!

All people newly to UK could not fulfill this term. What’s should we do?

I am really confused why there’s a CIFAS involved…which we didn’t do anything inUK before, or even visit UK…

You may be able to open a basic bank account at one of the banks listed here -

However you will still be required to prove who you say you are in and where you live order to comply with know your customer and money laundering regulations.

You may come across additional issues if you’re a resident of a country under increased monitoring for money laundering and terrorist financing -

I still think the CIFAS message is a bit misleading - Monzo just say “you can’t get an account and this may be why”.

If you’re new to the UK it may be that they don’t have enough information about you through your credit file to verify you.

Do get your details from Cifas (you can do the whole process online and don’t need 6 years just go back as far as you can).

Or try to open an account with a high street bank - if they reject you then it’s definitely Cifas

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I agree. I reckon this is a standard reject message as opposed to a cifas specific message.

I disagree that a high street bank rejecting you is conclusive proof of a cifas flag. Only a query to cifas is conclusive proof of that.

I agree. It’s just easier to get a better idea of what’s going on if you’re rejected by another bank in-person than get all the details about your second aunt’s cat that Cifas require to verify you

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