Can't log in

I downloaded the app, then I was on the waiting list… then got to the top and now it says that Monzo doesn’t exist in France. I live in the U.K.
Now it says sorry can’t log you in use the most recent email address. I have done it so many times, I am getting frustrated now! What could it be? Any help appreciated.thank you.

Hi :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you’re facing this issue with the app! Have you recently been to France?

Might be worth re-installing the Monzo app and trying again :smiley: Or maybe even just a simple reboot of your phone :slight_smile:

Yes, I have, as I travel a lot with my work.
I have tried all this,
Thank you for your reply though.

Ok, in that case, I’d shoot an email over to :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed one of Monzo’s excellent support members can assist more than I can! :smiley:

btw, you are trying to get your card delivered to a UK address right? :wink:


Yes. Thank you.
I have just sent the mail

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