Cannot log in

Hi I cannot log in now. It shows my phone number cannot be identified. Anyone can help?

Delete and reinstall the app?

If that’s your phone number as your username… change it right away.

EDIT: They did (I’m not crazy, it was a mobile number :joy:)


I have tried. did not work. Thanks

Tried. Didn’t work. Thank you.

Email or give them a call, number is on the back of the card or at the bottom of this page -

Double check you’re logging in and not accidentally trying to set up a new account


Aren’t you supposed to use your email as username? Or did Monzo change it now?

Or are you trying to sign up for a new account?

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When experiencing any issues it is always best to give as much detail as possible so that people can try and replicate this at their end. Otherwise it takes a long time to narrow down the specifics and people will keep stabbing in the dark at what they interpret to be the cause.

I’d recommend that you outline the steps that you’re taking, any errors that you receive and provide screenshots where necessary. This will get the resolution to you quicker and easier :slight_smile:


Monzo01 Monzo02

It is log in. I am required to enter my email and click the link in my mailbox and then enter my phone number to receive a code. Finally it showed my phone number couldn’t be verified…Many thanks to you guys.

Called the service number and no one response.

Are you using a valid, UK mobile number?

Yeah. I did receive the verification code and entered it.