Applied for my Monzo yesterday!

(Harvey Long) #1

It was my birthday on the 19th, so I ordered my Monzo card.
I’m not longer going to Lanzarote in October due to me and my partner splitting, but I still got one anyway. Looking forward to receiving it in the post! (I think me and a couple mates are planning a trip to Amsterdam now anyway)

When I receive it, will it come with instructions and how to activate the card? Because if I go onto the app now, it just asks me to log in or create an account.

(Bob) #2

The day after you topped up your card you should have an option in your app to activate the card once you receive it.

The instructions are pretty clear and you should have no problems using your card after activation :slight_smile:


Belated Happy birthday :balloon:

Monzo is easy and intuitive. When you get it I think you’ll really like it! :+1:

(Harvey Long) #4

Sweet! I’ll go check the app now.

(Dan) #5

If you’ve deposited the initial £100 and the card has been dispatched, then the app has likely logged you out.

When your card is in transit to you, it should show a little animation and a message saying your card is on its way.

If you don’t see that - I would try logging in again using the email you initially provided.

(Harvey Long) #6

Just tried this, it works now cheers! Should be getting it by Thursday.

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