Can't focus on ID when asked to verify identity

(Andrew Taylor) #1

Just had the notice pop up to ask for me to verify my identity, but when I tap ‘Take Picture’, the camera won’t autofocus and as such when I fill the box with my driving licence, it is too blurry to read. Any thoughts?

(Andrew Schofield) #2

If you tap on the screen will it manually focus?

(Naji Esiri) #3

@heypresto Hey Andrew! What model of phone are you using? There are certain Android phones which have trouble focusing in the KYC process. If this is the case, you can reach out to support via the app or and they will be able to verify you manually :slightly_smiling_face:

(Andrew Taylor) #4

Nope, unfortunately, tried that.

(Andrew Taylor) #5

Samsung Galaxy S5 - let me know if that’s affected.

(Naji Esiri) #6

@heypresto yep this is one on the list I’m afraid! Drop customer support a line via the app, they’ll be able to help with verification no problem :+1:


I had problems with another bank using a similar system and my phone was a Samsung J5.

Taking photos long distance like architecture or landscapes works OK, but short distance like passport, ID card, utility bill etc is where it goes wrong.

It seems to autofocus but for a brief microsecond it seems to be in sharp focus only to continue focusing and end up out of focus.

(Andrew Schofield) #8

Hmm, I wonder if it would help if the camera was in macro mode? How close are you needing to get to the ID to make it fill the frame?

(John Wilson ) #9

Is Samsung galaxy s7 edge on the list too ?

(Jonathan Parr) #10


During ID verification the camera is not refocusing meaning the ID is illegible. I have checked the camera on its own (this is fine) and uninstalled and reinstalled the app (the same problem occurs). The frame on the screen is also not the section of the picture that is captured.

My device is a Samsung Galaxy note 4 running 6.0.1 operating system.


(Roseanne) #11

Hi, I had the same issue yesterday. I sent Monzo a message on Twitter and they messaged straight back and let me send them a photo from my gallery to them once they had my email address. Also if you try send the photo to them anyway a couple of times it will prompt you to start a message with them on the app and they can sort it from there. I hope that helps!