ID issue

I am having trouble with signing up as, every time I try to verify my ID, the camera does not come on and it stay blank?

Have you given the Monzo app permission to use your camera?

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Why is there a question mark? Are you unsure if you have?

I’m positive

Have you got any solution?

Are you using Android or iOS?

If you can give more details on your setup, phone, OS and version, app version, error message etc then I can try. Otherwise it is going to be very difficult on the details you’ve provided so far.

It might be quicker and easier to contact Monzo direct via chat, phone or email :slight_smile:


If you’re on iOS…

Go to Settings > Scroll down to and tap Monzo > Make sure the toggle switch for camera is green

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Does your camera work simply as a camera if you launch your camera app? If it doesn’t, you’ll need a device with a camera that does work to continue to verify. If it does work…
Does your device have 2 lenses (back & front) - if it does, ensure the front (selfie) camera is active and working when using your camera app, then close the camera app (don’t switch to the back camera) and run the Monzo app to continue to verify.

If that doesn’t work, we’ll need more information, like @ordog requested.

I have a iPhone 11 Pro

Does @addzy’s suggestion resolve the issue for you?

Hi there @Aibronze - The best thing to do would be to get in touch through the in-app chat here so we can take a closer look :+1:

Iv got it sorted it, turns out that I went to the setting and click on the monzo app to find out the camera was not even on.


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