Blurry photo for verification

(Ryan Martin) #1

Using an LG G5, the camera doesn’t focus when taking a photo of my passport for some reason. I tried with the iOS app (via iPad) but for some reason it couldn’t be verified with that one.

(Hugh) #2


So have you submitted a photo for the ID check and the image was rejected?

Have you reached out to COps directly over chat or at as unfortunately there isn’t a lot we can do on here!

(Ryan Martin) #3

No. I didn’t bother sending via Android as the photo was far too blurry no
matter how many times I tried. It would focus but go out of focus for the
actual photo. And for some reason the one from the iPad was rejected.

(Naji Esiri) #4

@toast Hey! So you won’t be able to send your picture via the help email, but if you get in touch and let the support team know what the problem is, they should be able to reset the app so that the phone defaults to your phone app’s camera which normally fixes things :slightly_smiling_face: