Can't download PDF bank statement

I just get July for some reason and then when I click on that, and then PDF it comes up with an error message.

No, but my situation is a bit unusual :slight_smile: Long story

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I get those (monthly) dates because I have set them as the reporting period for Summary. It seems you may not have set any dates. Anyway, you can download the necessary files as required. If your phone then errors when downloading, there may be another issue at hand. Like permissions - does your phone have permissions set to allow Monzo access to your phone storage?

Good idea! Just tried that but it still doesn’t work :frowning:

Can you download all time, and then only send the pages from what you need.


This never used to work for me, live support can fix it though, you may have to persevere until you get to a specialist.


Ive just tried to export a bank statement in Android 9 (Security Patch 1 December 2019). App is at

Tried clicking on all options and it just comes up with a blank white screen.

I have a Samsung A50.

Anyone else come across this issue?


Are you clicking to download for the whole time you’ve had your account?

As it’s probably a big file it’s likely to be your phone or internet going slow, but try a reinstall of the app.

I was thinking it might be down to the size of the file export, but it was just for the current month. Will check again and wait longer and let you know.

Hey Reena,

Sorry to hear about that. If you pop us a message through the in-app chat we can send you one :slight_smile:

Still broke.

Its not the fact that I need one, I was just testing to see whether it worked and it doesn’t even via Wifi. To me this seems like a defect?? Can this be looked into please? It used to work ok, I can’t tell you how long ago though.

Can someone come back to me on this, has anyone else experienced this issue??

Did you do the “chat” thing as Simon suggested? R-

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No, like I said I don’t actually need one, but it seems to me that there is a defect somewhere along the line? I just get a blank white screen when trying to download a pdf export for the current month.

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I’m on Android 9 with Monzo 3.11.0 too. My PDF statements are exporting fine, so I’m not sure. Have you tried all the usual (clearing app cache etc.)? It might be worth a shot.

I had this issue. Chat to Monzo and they can fix it.

Yep, we’ll be able to get a PDF sent to you in the Chat if you’re still struggling with this @Reena

So if I chat in App they will fix the App?

yes, they might be able to or if its a new problem passi it on for investigation

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