Download statements from Monzo Web

At the moment the web interface is pretty useless and I would have expected that after all this time we would have at least the only feature that would make a difference: the ability to download your bank statements from there.

1- Go to
2- Try to download a statement

A link/page/pop-up to select the statement you need to download on your pc.

Nothing available.

I think this is a great idea for an addition to the web portal. I can see this being very useful, especially for Business Accounts. :+1:

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As I understood it, the web interface is an emergency access to your account, to allow you to check balances etc. It’s not meant to be fully-featured, for that you should be using the app.

I do agree the interface could be added to and improved, but when viewed with this in mind, I can see why development on it has not really happened.


How do you actually get a legitimate full statement now? I know for my mortgage application I had to provide 3 months of statements on numerous occasions (nightmare I know). TSB was awful and tried to charge me for it - is that possible with Monzo at the moment?

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Go to the Accounts tab, then click your name/account details at the top of the page.

Then scroll down and you should see an “Account Statements” section with Statement History which you can click; this will take you to all the statements available on your account (it may take a while – about 10 seconds on mine – to collate all the info). Each month is available as a PDF item which can be then exported to your preferred location.

That’s on iOS, but should be similar on Android.

Excellent thank you, with that in mind and Monzo branding as a mobile only bank I can see why it shouldn’t be within the online emergency web.

However… I think they could work on the emergency portal and model it more into a nice web interface, even if it’s just a nicer way to view you statements too as you can agree it’s awful trying to read a full size PDF on a mobile, despite the size of screen (unless an iPad).


To be honest, it makes more sense being on the website than the phone. Whenever I generate a bank statement, I need it for either an online application (which probably doesn’t work on a phone) or I need to print it for an offline application for something (and I suspect the vast majority of Monzo users don’t have access to a printer at home and need to print at work, or the printer they have doesn’t support printing from phones). So, every time, I either AirDrop, save to Dropbox or send an email to myself to print it when I next get to work.

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@theshillito That is exactly my point. At the moment the only way to do that is to download it to your phone through the app, send it to yourself over email and then print them.
Very annoying process.

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You could use airdrop or save it to your shared storage (iCloud, onedrive, etc. ), since you need to copy the link you should be able to just paste the link into your PC if you use a universal copy and paste feature.

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Well, I don’t want to install other apps to do somethings that my provider should do. It’s counter intuitive and it defies the purpose of having a single and simple solution for your banking.

I can understand both sides of the argument.

  1. It’s for emergency access only when your card/phone has been lost or stolen
  2. It would make it easier to print instead of having to send it to your PC first.

I’m more siding with #1.

The rare occurrences that you need to print a statement may not warrant all this extra development time to build it. When the quick solution would be airdrop or connecting your phone to the printer directly to name a few.

Personally, I’ve only had to generate statements twice and I just told the companies that I don’t have a printer so sent them via email.

How often are others needing statements?

I don’t agree with that.

As a non-uk national, most institutions tend to be “extra-careful” with us and ask to provide several proofs by uploading them on they’re websites, which most likely are not mobile-friendly, and having the ability so simply download them from the web interface

“1. It’s for emergency access only when your card/phone has been lost or stolen”

What use does that web view have when you lose your phone and the only thing you can do is to see you balance, but can’t transfer money to other accounts nor download proof of your account existence/ownership? :man_shrugging:t2:

Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m literally repeating what Monzo have stated it’s purpose is:

Welcome to Monzo for Emergencies

If you’ve lost your phone, or there’s any other reason you can’t get into your Monzo app, log in here to see a stripped-back version of your account.

Monzo is an app based bank, so everything is in the app. It doesn’t take long for a new card to be dispatched and if you request a new one you can instantly add it to Android/Apple Pay too :slight_smile:

I said that I agree with your point but if I had to take a side, I’d go with #1. It’s nothing personal :slight_smile:


You shouldn’t need to… a pdf is a pdf. That your going a roundabout way to get it to your pc I’m not sure is monzos fault.

Your provider is a mobile only bank, you knew that going in. That you don’t use cloud storage or don’t have a phone with native copy paste or native airdrop isn’t really monzos fault.

Isn’t the whole “Monzo Web is meant to be for emergencies only” argument beside the point?

Yes, it’s the reason Monzo have given for not providing this sort of functionality and currently Monzo Web is meant to be used for emergencies only.

However, this thread is more about whether people would find the ability to download bank statements directly from Monzo Web useful (and about how the feature could be implemented).