[?] Can't Delete Pot


I had a Pot which I completed and removed. In last months statement that Pot has re-appeared and is withdrawing money as they normally do automatically. But when I go to delete it and or withdraw it on the accounts tab the only option I have is the 'introducing pots button which only gives me the option to start a new one.

As such I think this is a bug that needs addressing.


Hi :wave:

When you create a bug report topic like this there are pre-filled questions that you need to answer such as App Version and what OS you’re using. These are required so the team can try and replicate the issue you’re describing. If you provide these I’m sure they’ll be able to help better :slight_smile:

Also to me, it’s not very clear what the issue is.

For example:

  • Pots don’t automatically withdraw money
  • I would expect the pot to show up in the months prior statement
  • If you deleted the pot then you can’t add or withdraw because you removed it.

Perhaps you could elaborate a little more and provide some screenshots too?