Can't click "my card has arrived"

I’m having a bit of trouble with the iOS app.

I already have a Monzo card, have completed all the steps and the app is now telling me that it will send the card. When I exit the app and restart it, the “My card has arrived” screen pops up momentarily, but is then replaced by the “your card is on its way” screen almost immediately. Even if I manage to tap “my card has arrived”, it replaces the screen immediately.

I’m looking to activate the card with the initial £100, but this is getting in the way! Can anyone help?



depending on which screen you see a three finger swipe on the ‘card is on its way’ screen might help to get you past your current screen to enter some details - swipe up according to the linked message ? - cant remember which way :slight_smile:
if that doesnt work try emailing or tweet @monzo (the one on twitter not the Dec 16 member that has the @monzo registered name ( awkward :slight_smile: but must get a lot of messages :slight_smile: )


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