Stuck on 'card on the way' screen new account

A friend has just signed up, been accepted. When they log in to the app though the only screen they get is the running card saying it’s on the way. They can’t access any other parts of the app.

They’ve tried force closing and uninstalling the app, but no joy.

Any ideas?


Was a while ago but that’s all I had when I signed up until i got the card


Same. Kinda odd though as you should be able to add money and add to Apple/Google Pay right away. :thinking:


Ok thanks.

Someone else I know signed up last week though and they were able to access everything straight away, even gave them the option to add card to Google pay.

Seems this is a current issue as you’re not the only one:

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Not a problem really, the card will arrive in a couple of days, but I’d told him he would be able to access it straight away…

Yeah maybe issue is the wrong term, but I don’t think this is expected behaviour.

And it is a pretty cool feature, I tell my friends about it when I refer them too, so I’m sure you’re not the only couple who have found it.

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Sorry I’d already edited my response before I saw that. Issue/problem, either way it’s not the best first impression when you’ve been selling something and it doesn’t work as expected!!

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Are they using an old version of the app?

I’d email

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No definitely the latest version.

They aren’t desperate to have immediate access so not worth emailing as card should arrive in a couple of days anyway.

Cheers :+1:

When this happened to my friend, we weren’t stuck on the Card on its way screen. She actually had full access to the app, there was just no button to add the card to Google Pay before the card arrived :slightly_smiling_face:


We got a reply from Monzo saying that they’re “running user experience tests with selected customers, meaning that some will be able to go into the app straight after signing up”

Apparently it’s random so some will be able to access the account instantly, others will just see the running card screen until it arrives…


Weird considering that they advertise using the card immediately after sign-up, what are they playing at.


I suppose it’s to give them more time to complete the KYC checks? Giving instant access means customers use the account before the KYC checks can be completed which is not good.

I assume they’re testing how it affects UX. If I’m not mistaken Starling did something similar