"Your Mondo card is on its way", but I've already got one! - [Prepaid Beta]

(Nick Jackson) #1

After making it to the front of the queue for the beta on day one (hooray), I went through the process of registering, got as far as needing to make the £100 top-up, and decided to wait for payday so I could work it into my usual budgeting.

A couple of days later my card arrived, despite not having made a top-up, and despite the app saying I’d need to pay up to receive one. I don’t worry.

It’s now payday, I plop my top-up on Mondo, and get the lovely “card is on its way” screen. I can’t activate the card I’m holding in my hands, because the app presumably locks out activation for a day or two to give the card chance to turn up.

On the plus side, I might now receive a second Mondo card which I can use to decorate my walls with hot coral goodness.

(Tristan Thomas) #2

If you do a three finger swipe up on that screen, you should be able to link your card :slight_smile: Thanks for the bug report – it’s already been fixed!

Card Activations
Can't click "my card has arrived"
(MikeF) closed #3

The bug is fixed and prepaid cards are no longer being supplied.