Can't activate new monzo plus card

I can’t activate my newly arrived monzo plus card. Rfid works OK seemingly, but says contact us if you continue to have difficulty. Bit stuck?

Did that not work?

Are you trying to activate by touch? If that does not work, try typing the number in. My partner could not activate by touch on her Samsung Galaxy, but thereafter it works fine for contactless

I had the same issue when my new card came a few months ago where the contactless wouldn’t work, but other apps would read the card fine. I contacted support at the time to let them know at the time. Didn’t get a confirmed that they could reproduce or that it had been fixed.


This post is phase 1 of me contacting if stuck

I try rfid and manual card number entry, in both cases I get prompted for pin then get the “sorry problem” message.

Should I be expecting a letter with a new pin for the plus card?

No, your PIN will be the same as your old card


Really do need to wait for Monzo to get back to you then as that’s not going to be something that can be worked around