Monzo Plus and Google Pay contactless setup failing

I got a Plus account the other day and just tried to setup contactless on my phone with Google Pay. I’ve tried multiple times over two days and every time the setup says there was an error and contactless can’t be activated. It worked fine with my regular Monzo account. Is there anything I can do about this? I use my phone to pay for 95% of my transactions so this not working will be a deal breaker.

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Are you adding the Plus card or a virtual card?

Have you removed your old card first?

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Same thing happened to me, I had to just remove the old card and then re-add the plus one and it worked.

I actually think when you activate the monzo plus card in the app the Google pay card you have provisioned on the old card may update automatically except for crucially the image of it remains as the old one so its not easy to see it was updated).


Hi Andy, you’re quite right! The card number on my Hot Coral card in GPay is the new number. Thanks!