New Card is not Contactless

Hi - can anyone tell me why my new card is not Contactless and can I request a contactless card - TIA :relaxed:

They’re all contactless, have you tried it

If it’s not working it could just be knackered, if so contact in app chat


The contactless logo is on the back


It should be :grimacing:

Activate your new card on :monzo: app.
If won’t help, perform a chip & pin purchase in the shop :pretzel:


Can you buy anything else, or does it have to strictly be pretzels for this test?


It’s probably this that’s the problem as @Remi says.

You have to use Chip & PIN at least once to activate a new card (with any bank) before you can use contactless (Edit: apparently online contactless might work with Monzo even without this step).

It’s a way of checking that the new card is really in the position of the cardholder and hasn’t been stolen/intercepted in the post.


Pretty sure you don’t have to do this with Monzo, as they get you to activate it by entering the card number in to the app instead?


Activating the card in the app makes the new card number active (so you can use it online).

Activating the card itself requires telling the Chip that it’s ready to use, via the scripting process which only occurs during usage of Chip & PIN - either in a shop or at a cash machine.


Yea, so according to this help article

Activating in app should be enough, but there are rare occurrences where it doesn’t work, and so a chip & pin transaction is required.

So turns out, it’s not 100% required, but maaay be required when the activation in app fails.


The rare occurrences where it may not be enough are if you try your very first transaction in an offline terminal.

Monzo is an “online-preferring” debit card, which means that it always tries to process a transaction online if it can. If it can’t, though, it will fallback to offline processing (normally). Offline processing won’t be allowed until the card has been activated, which occurs during the scripting process I described above.

In fact, scripting occurs every time you use Chip & PIN online and, amongst other things, resets the risk counters on the card so you have a recently-authorised transaction for SCA purposes.

Basically, what I explained is the detailed technical reasoning on how it works and the help article is the fairly simply layman’s explanation. In the vast majority of cases, the detail wouldn’t matter as most people would naturally end up doing an online Chip & PIN transaction sooner or later anyway (and probably before they did their first offline one). This is even more true now that SCA effectively forces an online transaction after a while.

TL;DR the card will ship ready to use for online payments, Chip & PIN (online) and probably contactless (online) according to the help article; offline not-real-time-authorised transactions may require an online Chip & PIN transaction first.


Thank you everyone for your comments - I followed your advice and despite the card not having the contactless symbol on it - it is contactless :blush:


It does, it’s on the back


The contactless symbol is on the card. On my Joint Account card (now almost 3 years old), it is on the front. On my Personal, Premium, card, it is on the back. Both are clearly shown: