Cannot verify my non-Monzo bank account name

I cannot verify and confirm the account name for a non-Monzo UK bank account because the account holder name is longer than the length value permitted in the Monzo app.

Details to reproduce:
I want to transfer money to my non-Monzo bank acount I hold jointly with my spouse. I know the sort code and account number. I have transferred money previously so the entry already exists for me to choose from Payments > Recent.

  1. Choose the bank account from Payments > Recent
  2. Hit [Send]
  3. Leave the details unchanged (they’re reasonably accurate but they will warn in the verification process). Account type is Personal. Accept the “I understand” warning. [Next]
  4. Receive the “Details don’t match account” flag. Note the account details, which in my case are a total of 53 characters

At this point I can either

5a. [Continue anyway], but the account will remain unverified within the Monzo app, and I have to jump through the reverification screen each time


5b. [Back to details], to try and update the account name. BUT I CAN’T DO THAT because your limit is 50 characters and the target account name is 53 characters.


  1. Allow me to verify an account and confirm that even though the details don’t match I really know what I’m doing so you don’t bother me with extra screens each time I make a payment to this account
  2. Increase the maximum permitted account name length

Android 10

OnePlus 5T

App Version:

On direct request from a Monzo email address