Problems with Monzo payments

Hi, I’m new to Monzo and just wanted to give you some feedback on things that could cause problems.

I tried making a wire transfer to a company but the account name field was too short for it, so I could not input the entire name.
I believe the current field is set at a total limit of 50 characters, while the name in total was 55.

This is a wire transfer for my tenancy stay so I might end up without a place to live if the transaction doesn’t go through because the name was incomplete.

Also, the reference for the wire transfer was supposed to hold the address of the property but I couldn’t put it in the reference of the transfer due to the field character limit being way too short. I believe 15-20 characters or so.

Furthermore, they asked for a screenshot for proof of payment but the current system’s summary is a bit too unprofessional, The way it should display the details should be as follow:

-Amount Paid
-Transaction Date
-My bank details
-Their bank details

I’ve worked as a developer myself, these types of changes are not particularly difficult and don’t touch on any critical areas so it would be nice if we could see these small quality of life improvements rolled out within the next month since this is actually quite important.

I did not think Monzo supported wire transfers.

Well, even just a regular payment with sort code and account number, is what I mean by wire transfer.

Nevertheless the problems highlighted still persist and are quite problematic when you need to show proof of payment or need to input the details.

Pretty sure those are industry restrictions and not Monzo ones

Why on earth would someone have a company name 55 characters long? :scream_cat:


I could ask myself the same question, but it was simply because it was the bank account name of the clients account so it had “Clients Account” at the end of it which made it quite a bit longer

This is a name for the payee. It is only for your reference. This is not validated in any fashion at this time. You could use “Landlord” or “Dog” if you liked.

The reference limit is imposed by faster payments


Thanks for the clarification

Still though, the proof of payment matter stands.
It is a bit unprofessional and contains messy details. If there could be a simple pdf export just like the bank statement but just containing some simple details it would make it look a lot better.

I know it’s not something particularly difficult to add, especially when they already have a similar document in their system.

Sounds like you’d like PDF statements for individual payments. You can vote for that feature here:


Lots of things aren’t difficult, but only if they’re a high enough priority to be allocated the resources they need. Until that point, with no resource, they’re infinitely difficult.

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