Not able to transfer money to contacts

anyone else not able to transfer any money to anyone else? Trying to pay money to my parents and it won’t let me. Same with trying to transfer to my brother.

This isn’t the first time this has happened recently and now I’m on chat, told the wait time for someone is 8 hours!!


Are these payments by bank transfer or

Bank transfer

Just checked the status page and all is fine

What error message are you getting?

It says “Sorry, there was a problem. Try again and contact us if this keeps happening”

Delete and reinstall the app

It may have had a moment

Just sent money to my NatWest account no problem. Do they bank with the same bank?

Nope with Lloyds

Will have to try this later as don’t have enough data now and am at work. Thanks for suggestion. V frustrating.

I meant as each other sorry. I posted before I saw the error so it does feel like a reinstall would be the fix or its a connectivity issue. If you don’t have the data might be worth trying to sign out and back in just in case?


Thank you! This worked!

Frustrating I had to do all of this to transfer some money - made me very stressed this morning haha but glad it’s done.

Thank you both again for your help