Cannot Send Payment to Friend

When I attempt to send a payment to my friend the application says “Sorry, there was a problem. Please try again and contact us if it continues.” At first, I thought this might be due to it being a new account, however, it has been several days, and I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it, yet I still cannot transfer money to another Monzo user.

They might have blocked you their side :eyes:

Not sure the error the other end sees but is easy to block monzo contacts paying you.

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That would be interesting because they sit at the desk beside me :laughing:


I’d still block someone :upside_down_face::rofl:

Can you send to any other monzo user and/or a normal account number and sort code?

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Not that I’m aware of, but I don’t have a large number of random strangers I’m willing to send arbitrary amounts of cash to. :rofl:


Try sending to their account number and sort code and see if that works?

have you both enabled payments with friends in you privacy and security settings ?

Does that feature exist in the US?

Are you trying to use the nearby friends feature (because that’s never worked for me in the U.K.) or are you trying to send via the contacts list?

Screenshots of the errors if you can share them might be helpful for us to help you troubleshoot it. Otherwise I think this might be something you’d need to contact support for.

It’s tricky though, because those who have replied so far are all Monzo U.K. users not US ones, and I’m personally not completely clued up on what the differences and similarities are between the two. So anything I could suggest, or has been suggested above, might not be relevant to you.


Good question. I didn’t notice the USA tag :upside_down_face:

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It feels to me like it is a bug related to the nearby friends feature. My friend sent $5 to me using it to see how it worked, and I was going to send it back. However, I was unable to send it back via any methods in the Android application, eventually, they requested $5 from me and that worked. The process of requesting money without using nearby friends also added them to my contacts list which they weren’t previously. Seems like a flow that hasn’t been fully flushed out :person_shrugging: