“Send money to” failing for a non-Monzo account

Issue: Need to send money to a friend. I found the last time they sent money to me and clicked “Send money to [name]”

I popped in the amount, clicked send, and got the error

“Unable to send payment
The recipient does not have a Monzo
GBP (E) account.”

Details to reproduce: Find someone who has paid you, click on the transaction, then send money to and try to proceed.
OS: iOS 15.5
Device: iPhone 13 Pro Max
App Version: 4.37.0


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This happened to me, think it’s something to do with them not having a Monzo account and us not being able to send money back to an account we haven’t added as a payee, keeping their details secure.

I’m sure it used to work a few years ago.

You’d need to add them as a payee, assuming they’re not Monzo, then the transfer will be fine.

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I distinctly remember you used to be able to see the account details when you received a payment, but this was hidden a few years ago and there was a bit of grumbling on the community. I presume this is related? So now you can only send money to people without a Monzo account if you’ve explicitly added them as a payee, because you’ve no access to their account details otherwise.

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I’ve asked them for their details so it will be easy enough so solve. But I guess the button needs to be smarter and only appear when paying them is actually an option.


Agreed. Caught me out not long ago :sweat_smile: or only show if they’re Monzo

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Or perhaps that functionality was intentional so that people would persuade their friends to open accounts.

As if an error message has ever been a compelling way to start a sales pitch :laughing: I actually text my friend saying “My bank is being weird can you send me your bank details again”.

Doubt it’s intentional - would surely redirect to the referral flow if so.

I suspect what’s happened is the button used to work for both Monzo and non-Monzo customers via something like: IF Monzo customer THEN Internal transfer flow ELSE transfer with account no + sort code.

When they took away the ability to see the account number and sort code, they probably fixed that particular code by removing the ELSE, so it’s just IF button pressed DO internal transfer, but they forgot or didn’t think to make sure the button is only visible when there’s a Monzo account. Hence the now less than graceful erroring out.