Cannot see my place in the queue

(Darrell H) #1

I’ve signed up but am stuck on the “Invite 3 friends” screen and it doesn’t tell me my place in the queue for a card. A friend told me that it would. Thanks

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(Alex Sherwood) #2

Could you post a screenshot of your screen?

(Florence Petitt) #3

I’m having the same issue, on iPhone

(Florence Petitt) #4

Cannot for the life of me work out how to get an image on here. Sorry.

(Alex Sherwood) #5

No worries, if you’re on your desktop you need to select

or on mobile

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(Florence Petitt) #6

Thanks, I have different screen options than that including a right hand bottom upload button but it just show code when it says it’s finished uploading. Don’t worry, not much you can do, hopefully someone else will post a screen shot soon

(Darrell H) #7

Screen shot

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(Josh Bray) #8

Can you try reinstalling the app for us.

(Alex Sherwood) #9

The other reason your waiting list number isn’t displayed could be because the waiting list has been suspended for Android users

From yesterday’s blog -

Short waiting list

We’ve been working hard to send out more and more cards to people on our waiting list. The good news is that we’ve now got the wait for a card down to just 1–2 weeks; and, if you bring your friends along too, you can get it even sooner. Signup is open to anyone over 18 in the UK, so please join and claim your Monzo beta card!

If that is the reason, I expect someone from Monzo will confirm that soon.

(Florence Petitt) #10

Re-downloaded, same screen. It did have a button “notify me when I’m at the front of the queue” or similar, but now just shows that screen. Is this right, no countdown just wait for notification? If so fine, just want to make sure I am actually in the queue.


(Florence Petitt) #11

Also I am iPhone not Android

(Alex Sherwood) #12

If you don’t hear from anyone at Monzo here, contact the support team, from Help in the app or email & they should be able to give you a definitive answer on this.

Please do share it here, for anyone else who has this question, too.

(Darrell H) #13

iPhone here as well. I’ll send an email over as mentioned below

(Hugo Cornejo) #14

@dazuk I’m afraid this confusion is totally our fault. We are tuning things behind the scenes to be able to send cards at a better rate and maximise our expansion. Because of that now we have 2 versions of the app running in parallel, some people get one that shows you the waiting list position and others don’t.

The output is the same though. Currently, if you don’t invite the 3 friends you’ll get a card too just by waiting a bit. If you don’t want to wait… well, you can invite 3 friends :slight_smile:

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(Florence Petitt) #15

Great, thank you. Will we get an email when we are at the front of the queue?

(Hugo Cornejo) #16

You’ll get a notification. In case you didn’t grant permissions for notifications then you’ll get an email :slight_smile:

(William Sutton) #17

I’m at the same place but I don’t remember adding my address when I signed up. How will you know where to send a card to?


(Alex Sherwood) #18

You only give Monzo your address once you’re at the top of the queue, as part of the same process where you deposit your first £100 so don’t worry :slight_smile:

(William Sutton) #19

Nice one thanks for that mate :raising_hand_man:t3: