Cannot pay premium phone insurance excess

As per the title, any time I attempt to pay my excess on Monzo Assurant one of two things happen:

  • the iframe with the payment window redirects me to the login page for the assurant site (useful, I know) – this seems to happen with Amex
  • shows me a message about the payment failing – this seems to happen with Visa/Mastercard

How am I meant to get my claim sorted and fix my phone? :sweat_smile:

I’ve no experience directly, but as it’s with Assurant can you not give them a call?

I know there’s been many incidents with Mastercard at the minute but not seen much for Visa.

Yeah, I can give that a go. My first port of call will be live chat through the Monzo app, just in case.

Ah, nevermind, it redirects me to calling Assurant. I’ll see what they say.

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Haha, looks like they couldn’t even get it working over the phone. Seems like a bigger issue is at play.

Ah, hopefully something their side to be fixed.

I’ve not had any issues this morning elsewhere with Mastercard.

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