MCE insurance dont take Monzo for payments

Hi, recently switched completely over to Monzo. after phoning my insurer to arrange payment, the card was declined, apparently they dont take Monzo. no idea why, and ive ended up having to cancel my policy. is this likely to become a common occurrance? I may have made a mistake switching if im going to have this trouble everywhere…

Your best bet would be to email

It’s likely an oversight on the insurers’ behalf from Monzo’s prepaid days. Not accepting Monzo is a little like not accepting Mastercard, which would be nonsensical.


indeed. it seemed ridiculous to me too. her suggestion of “setup a new bank account to continue paying us from” was quite absurd!

will give that email address a shot. thank you!


Just wanted to echo what @anon99402360 said.

He has given you good advice :slight_smile:


No worries, glad I could help.

That is a silly suggestion for them to make. Monzo is now a fully fledged bank, unfortunately most payment providers rarely update their systems, meaning every so often something like this happens.

Hope you get sorted soon.


Do update us when you get a reply about this - which insurer was it?

It was MCE!

I assume you asked but did they say a reason why?

The customer service person said “because its an online only bank”. which translated to me as “i dont know…”

no response from the email I sent above to monzo though

Ahh the ever helpful answer

So I would assume starling etc. are also not accepted

Hopefully Monzo can contact them to see what the problem is

I dropped them an email and they replied saying

“The problem is this isn’t acceptable for a Continuous Payment Authority.”

Personally not sure exactly what that means even after a quick google

huh, so what does that mean?

Essentially it looks like a direct debit that is a little less official

Might be worth someone from Monzo picking up on this to clarify if they can offer

Continuous Payment Authority

Presumably they don’t allow First Direct customers either…


Of course they do… it’s a standard banking product.

I’m not keen on them though as they can be hard to cancel as there’s nothing like the DD Guarantee… it’s all controlled from the vendor end.

Sounds like it might be worth avoiding MCE then anyway as it seems CPAs are a bit controversial

yeah, I hadnt realised they were even taking my money that way until i saw they didnt have a direct debit… does seem odd when everyone else uses direct debit!

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