Monzo Premium Travel Insurance to Egypt


I am traveling to Egypt soon and when I booked the trip I was advised to bring a certificate of travel insurance showing I am insured.

I am a Monzo premium customer so have travel insurance but I cannot find any documents showing I am insured… every document says ‘Monzo’ is the policy holder.

I contacted Monzo and they asked me to contact Assurent directly, but I can’t get through.

Has anyone has this issue in the past, or have any advice?


This feels substandard. Your contract and relationship is with Monzo, not Assurant.

(I’m sorry that’s not an answer to your question, but I’d probably push Monzo to take responsibility).


Thats what I thought… I was asked to contact Assurant but I thought the insurance was from AXA

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I’m not sure. I know the phone insurance is from Assurant but couldn’t tell you who provides the travel.

Edit: I’ve checked the app. Definitely AXA for travel insurance.

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Thanks for checking, can’t believe I was told wrong by Monzo themselves, I spent ages trying to contact someone at Assurant and they don’t even provide the insurance!!!

Are you Monzo premium also? if so, out of curiosity does your policy number end in *********76 ?
Im wondering if its a single policy for all Monzo premium customers so Monzo is the policy holder or if its separate policies per customer

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I am.

It does not!

I’d raise a compliant with Monzo on two fronts: firstly, they’re not taking responsibility for their own product and, secondly, they’ve given you wrong information.

Sadly, I think a compliant is the probably the only way to address the failures we’ve seen in customer services recently. :pensive:


I think I will. Pretty poor service so far tbf.

Thanks for your help!

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You’re welcome! Let us know how you get on.

Monzo Premium Travel Insurance is via AXA - Monzo Premium device insurance is via Assurant.

The T’s & C’s of said AXA Travel Insurance Policy can be downloaded from the Monzo app. I’ve included a link to the latest download for reference. Everything you are covered for, and those things you aren’t, are detailed in the policy doc.

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Many thanks for this.
It would be really useful to have a document showing I am insured rather than everything mentioning Monzo as the policy holder.

All the information you need is available in-app - from the ‘Home’ display, tap on ‘Premium’ → ‘Worldwide travel insurance’ to see your policy number, coverage (from) date, excess, make a claim links, Coronavirus-specific info and What’s covered?/T&C links.

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