Cannot create account "Something's gone wrong..."

Issue: I created a new account yesterday. So this is out-of-box-failure type report. My account is literally 8 hours old.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Install app, go through all the account creations steps. Sorry it’s the first time I EVER do this. But I got all 4 stages done and my video uploaded OK so I closed the app. To wait for approval.
  2. I then got an app “update”, in the OS so I let it install and then received a notification that the account has been approved too, so I updated first (which was quite a fun comment reading the fix notes, so we let that run first.)
  3. I do recall I choose my card type (red) and am now waiting for the app to actually start working.

OS: Android 12
Device: Samsung A22
App Version: Well, the app does not really open, I’m stuck in the signing up still.


see my post in here, I think it might explain it

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