Trying to login for the first time

Hi, I keep trying to login for the first time and keep getting an error saying

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I’ve tried doing throughout different times in the day but it’s still not letting me?

Could be related. They’re on android, you look to be on iOS. Looks to be an issue with email delivery so I’m guessing the magic link side of things (which this is part of I think) has gone wrong

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Yes, Lizzie looks like on iPhone, I had same looking screen on Android. But I’m a professional software tester, so I decided to just report this (It was about 6pm) and not fiddle about too much. And also not stress. It resolved itself completely the next morning for me, and I had the impression it was a web server side issue due to an app update that got rolled out during my setting up steps. I should have checked emails, and not let the app auto-update mid sign-up. Hope it resolves similarly for you Lizzie.

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