Introduce yourself 👋

That’s fantastic! That’s the plan for me too, current job was a hobby turned career but it’s never been my dream job.


Hi Graham and Jon! :wave:


Hi! :wave: Nice to see somebody (semi) local on here

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Thanks for the welcome :hugs:

Sadly none are Airtagged but that is such a good idea :thinking:

So, brace yourself. When I told my squad about my pets, they were shocked.

2 Miniature horses - Rocky & Maria

2 ex polo horses - Ruby & Teazer

2 rabbits - Dinky (Grey& White) & Binky (White)

1 Cat - Princess

1 Dog - Teddy

1 Cockatiel - Twinkle

1 Bearded Dragon - Toothless

4 chickens - Cher, Britney, Peep & Bluebell
2 ducks - Drake & Lucky
1 Hamster - Melon
These have all somehow avoided the camera but will try and get one soon :smile:

Feel free to ask more :grin:


Hello John here


Hi John & welcome :wave:

Enjoy the forum!

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Hey All, I just joined, excited to contribute! :grinning:


Hi @BruceLee :martial_arts_uniform: :ninja: @ welcome :wave:

Great to have you here - contribute away!

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Phew it’s a heatwave so instead of doing work. I’m shopping. When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.

I’m just the average bloke, heard all the fuss and decided to create an account. It took 5 minutes and while waiting for my account to finish approval, the app blew up on me. So I had to try again half a day later. That was a bit of a downer. But seems to be working now. And I just made my first transfer, linked the account to another bank, and I think I just bought my first item, even before I have a card.


Welcome! :wave:

Did you add to ApplePay/GPay before the card arrived? Wasn’t sure that was still happening.

It happens, but in some cases we wait until the card is activated physically before allowing full access.

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Showing a generic error message was not the out-of-box user experience I would have expected Cannot create account "Something's gone wrong..." .

I was hoping to just get a “pending” while things were pending. To be honest I was also surprised that it took more than 4 hours to be “approved” on the Support forums as a new user too, that indicates to me at least that someone had other fires to fight (London city clearly did on Tuesday, but that’s another matter I hope.)

But I’m 100% happy that all things linked up once I got past that “broken” approval pending screen.

My message was due to the card, not the issue opening the app.

Seems there’s a few having the same issue, likely to be resolved in good time.


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This isn’t a support forum, it’s a community. Whilst lots of us do know some things and will try and help, staff interaction is few and far between. Carlo ^^ is probably the most active, but he isn’t “working” on here.

If you need help, go to the help section in the app and search for “Contact”


Just to be clear, these aren’t support forums. Monzo always ask you to get in touch through the app primarily. We’re mostly customers just like you.

Edit: Beaten to it by seconds! :laughing:

LOL. Cool. I’m not one for reading the fine print too much. I spent enough time reading the banking required terms and conditions. My Monzo account is just for a bit of small spending, and learn about using digital banking the way it should be done. And so far it is good fun.


Hello Kolok,

Sorry for the super late response haha. I forgot to come back, busy with other things!

Yes Server/Network Infrastructure. Was an on premise job and was a bit stagnant and behind the times. Wanted something thats keeping up with the times.

I just got a DevOps job and I start soon!


Big congrats!

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Thanks Peter!

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