Can you stop being desperate with the £10 referral bonus?





And the push notification as well (which I didn’t remember to get a screenshot of).

Doesn’t anyone think this is a bit much? For all the flak we give to legacy banks, I never ever had this kind of desperate nagging from any of them. Starling Bank doesn’t do this either.

This is what I’d expect from a useless social media company with no real product that’s on the verge of bankruptcy and doesn’t know what to do to stay afloat. I didn’t think I’d get the same from Monzo, which has a successful product that sells itself.

Can you guys please stop, and go back to being a bank that just works and gets out of my way? Honestly I’d happily pay you 10£ just to stop this desperate nagging.


I see where you are coming from. A friend of mine has joined without the £10 referral bonus.


I will be honest, I did think with the latest email, “Not another nag”.

Customers should be able to turn this type of marketing off in the settings.


I’d be all for this referral bonus if it was worth my while too… I don’t see why we should be bribing others to join Monzo with no reward for ourselves…


It’s only a few days since the last crowdfunding… something I don’t quite understand the purpose of unless there is a need for cash injections…

For me it smacks of a panic scenario…


Personally it’s not about the referral bonus itself. It’s about the constant nagging despite:

  1. You know that I opened the app since getting the first push notification (that itself was too much tbh)
  2. You know I scrolled past the feed item multiple times
  3. You know I opened & used the payments tab multiple times
  4. You know I’ve used plenty of Golden Tickets in the past, so surely I already have a history of inviting people and would know how to do it if I had anyone else to invite

And after all that you still decide to send spam to my email? What is wrong with you guys?

Now I’m somehow glad I didn’t make it in time for the crowdfunding round. I wouldn’t want my money to go to annoying spam campaigns.


I agree 100%, it’s totally unnecessary…

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I don’t have a problem with the email, it was probably more straightforward to email all customers than to cross-reference through the database.

That it appeared in my feed (with associated push notification) twice, though. That’s a bit annoying. Once would’ve been enough.


Yep. Getting fed up of all the notifications about it. Bring on January.


I have sent it to a couple people who signed up. I do agree, the push notification was annoying having used the link several times.

Hi @HoldenCarver did you receive two feed items about the £10 offer?

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I did. I’ll see if I can DM you some screenshots.

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I agree about this particular notification - that and the crowdfunding one felt a little jarring, like an advert in my feed. I don’t mind things like that in my feed once a year, but if that starts happening all the time I’d want to turn it off. Monzo should add a setting for turning off Monzo Promotions in the feed (or whatever you want to call it), the same as you have for Lending promotions. I’m not sure if I’d use it yet but some would definitely prefer it.

The majority of customers will still see the notifications, but it would keep quiet and happy those who would otherwise complain vociferously about this sort of thing. You should also reconsider the misuse of red notification icons for things which are not urgent for the customer (see pics above). I found the golden ticket red icon really jarring on my payments tab (now gone), and feel the same about a red dot on payments pictured above.

It’s very important you don’t lose the trust of customers and bombarding them with ‘notifications’ or alerts in bright red which are actually adverts is one way to do so.


Agree! Please stop trying to push your customers to do referrals. I think the community has done more than enough and is your main reason for growth as it is. Find other ways to get more sign ups.

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Agree - looks desperate and straight after raising £20million! Not good timing. Think I’ve had two notifications in Monzo plus the email today.


I’m not particularly inclined to weigh on on the how much is too much thing since it’s quite subjective.

However, the concept of us already having a product that sells itself and thus not needing to try these sort of things is flawed. Yes, we have good growth, but we’re trying to accelerate it. To paraphrase something Tom said to me, we’re not looking at how we get from 1 million to 2 million, we’re looking at how we get to 10 million.

I don’t think the answer is for us to stop doing these sort of things, but to have more granular tools on opting in and out of seeing them, and that’s something we’re working on.

Remember, many of you here have been here for months or years and have already (hopefully) told a few of your friends and family about us. But many people are new signups and haven’t received a lot of communications from us before, and so they’ll see this sort of thing differently.

I’m not discounting the perspective of what some of you are saying, just pointing out that one person’s “this is annoying” is another person’s “thanks for the reminder, i forgot, and will do that now”.


On this point, and subsequent to my posts earlier in this topic, I’ve had confirmation from Bruno that receiving two notifications was a bug and shouldn’t have happened. Knowing this wasn’t intended is helpful (though obviously I hope the bug won’t recur with future notifcations of this sort).


Thanks for sending these over. Sending two push notifications was not intentional.

We sent some notifications to a small (random) group of users to see if it was working fine, and the reaction to it. Then we sent another one for all users. It seems there was a bug and the users from the first notification were not excluded from the second push.

Seems like more people in this thread were affected by this. I’m sorry that you received two notifications, this was definitely not our intention :pray:


Have to say I agree. It’s becoming a little annoying.

Surely Monzo can determine how long an account has been open and only email newer accounts? Even our basic CRM system at work automates emails based on the customer journey. We wouldn’t email customers who have been on our systems a long time the same emails a few weeks later.


I did too. I cleared them off though.