Throwing it out there.. VIP option?

(Jack Donovan) #1

Have Monzo ever looked at a say VIP option? Or even just a monthly donation?

I know that if there was some sort of premium option for £5 a month, I would pay it. Tbh I would even if it didn’t come with any other benefits…

Anybody else have any thought on this? Would you donate £5 per month if you had the choice?


Stiff competition from the likes of Starling if you start to go down this route


I wouldn’t “donate”. I would however pay if that was the price for such a product as it’s definitely worth it for me.

(Jack Donovan) #4

But either way. If just 1000 people did it… That’s £5k a month that Monzo doesn’t currently have…


On the other hand, Monese and Revolut seem to be doing pretty good despite having a monthly fee. But you are right, I’m not sure if the market still has a place for a third player in the paid account category.


5k a month is pretty much nothing when running a business at such scale. Implementing the feature by itself might cost more.

(Jack Donovan) #7

Very good point


I’m more concerned with Starling. They to me are the serious contenders here and part of the selling pitch is NOT to charge any fees

( so far)


Would be curious to see how long that lasts. The no fees offer is purely there to build a mass of customers (kinda like the unprofitable prepaid scheme from Monzo).

I’m not saying they’ll charge monthly fees for the account but I doubt the free ATMs will stay forever.

(Frank) #10

Remember this was a VIP option. Still free banking for all but for just £4.99 a month you also get… :thinking:

Could be:
A different coloured card
Larger overseas withdrawal limit
A second card
A second account
Lower overdraft fees
Early feature access
Any others?


I think you are right. Starling are desperately trying to launch buisness accounts which no doubt will be able to generate some income.

My concern is that you get sucked into banking with them and before you know it everything becomes far to complicated to move and at that point you just except those charges .

(Geoff Pascoe) #12

I’d like to see a system where you pay a monthly fee, then any referral fees from Monzo’s marketplace get passed on to you. That way, Monzo makes money regardless of whether you sign up to any offers, and you are actually their customer.

(Frank) #13

So more of a Quidco model?

(Geoff Pascoe) #14

Yeah except quidco get nothing if you don’t earn any cashback. I’d like Monzo to charge for the account regardless of whether you use the marketplace or not (perhaps giving you other benefits like others have suggested too), and one of the perks is that you get the referral fees. That way Monzo have absolutely no incentive to try to push you to take up offers unless you want to.

(Simon B) #15

It’s not something we’re looking at right now.



Joint accounts possibly :flushed:

Starling hinted they might start looking after March

No pressure :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Why would anyone donate to a business?

(Jack Donovan) #18

Any explanation as to why? :yum:

(Jack Donovan) #19

Why not? If you can afford it. And like what they do, why not?


It’s a daft idea. They’re a business and they have investors expecting a return on their investment.

Why would I subsidise them?