Can you stop being desperate with the £10 referral bonus?

but to have more granular tools on opting in and out of seeing them, and that’s something we’re working on.

How and why did this thing go out without these tools being in place?

many of you here have been here for months or years and have already (hopefully) told a few of your friends and family about us

Surely you can see that just by my golden ticket history, or by the fact I have a fairly active community profile (email being the same as my Monzo account), or the “beta user” badge on my profile.

But many people are new signups and haven’t received a lot of communications from us before, and so they’ll see this sort of thing differently.

I’m not saying the feed item is bad, but feed item + persistent marker on the payments tab + push notification + email is too much. A single feed item would be fine as is guaranteed to be seen by anyone using their account. You could maybe do a push/email a few days later if the app hasn’t been opened (so the initial feed item hasn’t been seen) but that’s it.

just pointing out that one person’s “this is annoying” is another person’s “thanks for the reminder, i forgot, and will do that now”.

But wouldn’t it be better to err on the safe side? Otherwise we might as well go back to the early days of email marketing (essentially spam), since there’s always gonna be those few who’d say “thanks for the reminder” even though you’ve just pissed off millions of people by wasting their time (thus money) and server resources.

I do have to say, this is definitely not the Monzo I originally signed up for, and the “magic” of it is really starting to wear off now, as it turns into yet another sad company obsessed with “engagement” and “growth”… maybe it’s time to explore other, more serious competitors that actually have a profitable business model and don’t have to resort to such desperate tactics?


I agree it is excessive. I think just one of these type of notifications I would consider to be enough. As @anon23935806 correctly says if I received this from any legacy bank without any option to turn off I would consider it intrusive.


Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts on the comms around the £10 offer. It’s the first time we run a signup offer at this scale and your feedback is very valuable here.

To clarify something, we only sent an email and push notification to users who have opted in to Marketing communications (it happens during signup). At the moment there isn’t a way to opt-out of Marketing comms from the app. But you can do it in 2 ways:

  • unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email,
  • asking customer support to opt out of Marketing communications.

Users who have opted out of Marketing communications still saw the feed item, but no push notification.


Not much more to add, but I agree with the sentiment here. Push and in app notifier was enough, email today was excessive. There should be a simple way to opt-out of this :-1:


Thanks for the info.

Aside from this. Do you have any insights you could offer on the sign up bonus? How is it doing?

Post above you has been updated to include opt out info.

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I’m sorry but that can’t be true, I never opt in to marketing communications when given the choice


Am I missing something as I haven’t seen any nagging only ever seen the gift of Monzo on the payments tab and nowhere else?

Thanks! I still feel there should be in an in-app checkbox (alongside push/lending promotion) to opt in/out, especially if this type of activity increases.

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You must have opted out of marketing communications when you opened your account.


Absolutely agree. Notifications part in settings with tickboxes would be ideal.

I’d have been happy with a feed item, but the feed AND the push AND the email were too much


If we put the volume of communications around this on the side for a moment, do you think it’s a good offer to give your friends? Did you share it with your friends?

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Yes, and two signed up, though one probably did so mainly for the free £10… The other is much more enthusiastic and started talking about it to a colleague

I preferred the £5 each version. It felt like everyone was being rewarded that way.


Personally I preferred it this new way as I was able to say hand on heart that this was something I was recommending with no (direct) benefit to myself


Completely agree with the OP. It’s just feels Monzo are getting desperate and pushing too hard. Please don’t don’t do this.
I want to know how we can opt out of marketing messages and why there’s no button in app.


It doesn’t bother me that much, I mean the email went into my marketing part of my Gmail. The push notification I just ignored and the in App I ignored. This is the first referral thing they’ve done, therefore they get one chance to make a mistake , but the importance is that they learn from it.


It’s the push that bothers me the most, I only allow pushes from people and important apps. I want push of important stuff, like money had gone from my account. Under no circumstances do I want marketing BS and I usually turn off notification privileges for any app that does it. Unfortunately Monzo is too integral to my finances to do that.


@bruno @simonb
I feel like a push notification is too much… You could get the same impact by just pinning the feed item to the top of the feed so it required the user to either click on it to read it or click the little X to get rid of it. No need for notification and email to be honest…