Can you pay to express clear a cheque?

I need a cheque to express clear. My friend said it would cost £47 to do this! Is this correct?

Not to my knowledge.

You can open a Starling account and have the money tomorrow.


I think your friend is mistaken, Monzo have no such thing.

Details on how to post a cheque are in the below article and there is no mention of it:

It does state that you can pay for tracked delivery and this is generally a little is quicker, so perhaps this is what they’re referring to? Not sure where £47 came from though :confused:

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Different bank, I suspect.

Or a cheque cashing business, seems more likely to me.


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You can only use Starling to deposit a cheque up to £500 above that and its send it by post…

I can remember some banks used to charge £30 to courier a cheque to the bank of the person issuing the cheque…

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