Cheque deposit overseas

I need to deposit a cheque while I am overseas, how can I do it?

Post it to Monzo.

Or open a Starling account and use cheque imaging (assuming it is a sterling cheque for less than £500, and that you can open a Starling account while abroad).

If you search your question in the help section of the app you will recieve a guide on what to do.

I believe I will have to post it…

The amount is around £ 560.00

I thought I could scan it into my account or something like this…

Other banks have different limits, I think, but opening an account while out of the country might be an issue.

Yes; Lloyds, Bank of Scotland & Halifax and also Barclays have increased their per-cheque limit to £1,000.

Probably only useful if you have one of those accounts, though.

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