Only got selfie cam on phone/ID set up

Trying to set up account and have got to the bit where you photograph ID. I can’t do this as my phone camera is only working as a selfie cam and there is no option to switch to this. Are there any other ways of getting the info to Monzo?

Can you turn the phone around and photograph the ID from the front? Or hold it up in front of your face and try to align it.

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Get someone to hold it for if you can while you do it. There’s no way to skip ID verification.

Sorry but there’s no way to switch to the selfie cam on the app

Could I re log-in on another phone?

The only way to find out is to try. I’ve not heard of anyone trying this during the signup stage so it’s hard to know if it will work. If you’ve setup you sign in email address etc, however, there’s a good chance that it might.

Thank you, I have tried. Since there is no option to switch cameras the screen remains blank so you can’t even turn the camera around. I suspect it would work on the facial verification but the ID verification section comes first and that leaves me at an impasse

Looks like I might be able to borrow a phone and complete registration that way. I thought the log in might be tied to the phone. I’ll delete the app from the borrowed phone once complete

As long as the phone runs the same OS as yours logging back in on your phone will automatically log the other one out. Logging out and deleting the app (and your email account) is still the best solution though.

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Both iphones so should be good! cheers


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