Can’t create standing order to Coutts bank

Can’t create new standing order to Coutts bank payee

Details to reproduce:
Any Coutts bank account with sort code 180002
App Version:

Have you done what the error message suggests and made sure you haven’t mistyped the account number/sort code?

Absolutely - copy and pasted from the old bank app to this one

Others worked fine

Seems to be a Coutts API issue perhaps

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Not sure how account numbers are verified by/between banks. Maybe something wrong on Monzo end so they don’t recognise the sort code.

I’d suggest you contact chat by going to Help and searching Contact Us

Maybe when you copy and pasted there was an invisible space at the end?

Try typing the numbers out manually


Picks it up fine for me

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It’s the account number the app isn’t happy with

Sadly I don’t know anyone rich enough to test this


That sort code is fine and it accepts the acct number but on the next screen after giving the SO details it says the account number isn’t valid

Monzo wouldn’t know which account numbers are valid surely? As it would be updating constantly for all banks?

What happens when you manually type the account number?

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I suspect it’s the confirmation of payee thing. Some banks will outright reject a transfer if you get so much as a single character wrong. Otherwise will tell you it doesn’t match, and others will intelligently detect the error and off a did you mean prompt (Only ever seen Algbra do this last one).

Not sure which approach Monzo goes with, but that’s my theory of what’s going wrong here.

Can you share the error you get from Monzo OP? Rather than just the screen where you’re trying to set the payment up.


They have :slight_smile: error at the bottom of the screenshot. It’s not a COP screen. Best bet it to talk to Monzo


I need coffee.


Just to confirm, I can see youre on an outdated version if iOS here so im just spitballing but given the app and OS work together to function properly are you able to update your phone to the most recent iOS and double check youre in version 5.0.0 for the app (Most up to date as of 15/11/22)?

I dont have any tech skills whatsoever so this is just a theory that maybe youre not on the up to date version?

Or if youd rather contact us via the app then they can investigate. :slight_smile:

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Banks carry out modulus checks on sort code/account numbers to ensure the combination is valid.

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