My concern re Monzo app was escalated

I raised an issue with Monzo via phone - the person was unable to help me and said she would escalate the concern and I would hear within 24 hours. That was 37 hours ago - still nothing

I can’t access my account

I will close my account if I don’t get resolution asap

Have you made sure you’re using the right email address when logging in?

Presuming this is the same issue as last time, which is the same as the time before:


wrong email - apologies


I wonder if this could be addressed by the Monzo app having two separate log in and new account flows.

Currently no matter which button you press, once you enter an email you get sent a magic link. Instead, the app should have two flows:

  1. Log in:

If you enter an existing email, you get a magic link; otherwise you are told that there’s no Monzo account for that email, try again or sign up.

  1. Sign up:

If you enter an already registered email, you are told that the email address is in use, try logging in. Else you get through to register.

@AlanDoe I wonder who that could be fed back to?

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Isn’t that what we had before, and people were going to sign up instead and complaining that they couldn’t login

Whatever solution, I think it should be dynamic, so if you were trying to sign up and you’re using an existing email it should send you the login link, and if you’re trying to login and it’s not associated with an account it should take you into the flow to sign-up… Although it’s useful to signpost that this is what’s happening

Was it? I can’t remember.

Ultimately you’ll never completely foolproof the system but I think hitting a brick wall is better for everyone than being taken to the wrong flow “dynamically” and then wasting time by signing up again.

I can’t remember exactly but I could swear it used to be like that and too many existing users were trying to sign up instead of login.

Absolutely. I think having a prompt is useful but taking to the flow that fits the scenario still. Less friction, but a prompt that youb were in the wrong place based on the info provided.

Some people don’t read though. So it wouldn’t work. People need to be stopped to have a chance of protecting them (and everyone else) from themselves.

The rest of society will use their elementary school literacy skills and read which button is labelled what, and press the one they need.

Then they need to learn, you can’t have your hand held 24/7 through everything.

The current setup works for 99.9999% of people.

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