Can support early refund a verification charge?

Hey, I know most companies carry out active card checks with a £0.00 transaction, which shows as an active card check in the app. However, some companies (I’ve noticed this with AWS and Uber Plus) charge a £1 ish fee for verification, but then don’t collect the money (so it shows as pending for 1 week then Monzo automatically refunds you as the merchant didn’t collect it).

However, my question is, for these sorts of verification charges, would Monzo support be able to cancel it from pending and refund the amount earlier without me having to wait the 7 days for it to automatically refund (due to not being “collected” by the Merchant)? Or would I be told I have to wait the 7 days, even if it’s only a verification fee that won’t ever leave pending state?

It bugs me having to have my balance messed up for 7 days until the verification amount drops back into my account automatically, so any clarification on this would be appreciated.

Thank you!

It should be instant.

But you have close to zero chance of Monzo giving it back to you before the 7 days are up.


They used to be able to reverse things early; but for some reason the policy is now not to as far as I understand, they just wait for the auth to expire.

Not that it would likely be worth the several hour wait time on support to get a £1 auth reversed anyway :smile: