Active bank check not being refunded


So, I’ve switched over a couple of Direct Debits over the past weeks, and something that I’ve noticed is that; when I setup the Direct Debit, the company (e.g. Adobe) does a quick check to see if my Monzo account is active and takes out £1 from my account.

Normally, this is credited back into my account, straight away (or within 24 hours) - but I’ve noticed on my Monzo account, that these debited checks aren’t being refunded to me. I’ve just chased up the Adobe one, and they said it was due to a technical issue on Monzo’s side, and so they’ve tried again to issue me the refund - I also spoke to Relish, and they too mentioned that it’s a technical issue on Monzo’s side.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?

Is this a card check £1? A direct debit £1 setup would take about 3-5 days to be requested?

The card check £1 is often held in pending for up to a few weeks until the company doesn’t complete the transaction.

Get in touch with Monzo support who should be able to release the funds back to you.

I’m not sure how these companies would know if Monzo has a technical issue and be able to advise that, as they would only see if the transaction completed or not from their side. Either way, definitely call or raise a chat request to Monzo and I’m sure youll get a quick resolution.

Hope you get your quids back soon!


They don’t know Monzo have an issue. They’re clearly just passing the buck, because what they do know is that it’s an authorisation they’re not going to collect. Easier to skip straight to referring the customer to the bank than to try and explain to them.


No technical issues that I can see here other than the merchants mentioned using non-£0 active card checks and not sending reversal messages though Mastercard.

If the merchant doesn’t specifically reverse an authorisation, it’ll be refunded in around 7 days (or 30 in the unlikely case that they’ve requested a full pre-authorisation :grimacing:). This is in line with Mastercard rules.

Alternatively, you can tap Something Wrong? Tell Us! at the bottom of the transaction in the app and in many cases, request that it’s refunded from there. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Rika, wonderful - thanks for clarifying. So it’s all down to the merchants, and them being sly trying to blame Monzo? Incredible.

That’s excellent to know that there’s that ‘Something Wrong?’ button - I’ll keep that in mind if the refund doesn’t come in over the next few days.


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I think Amazon do this :frowning: I’m constantly getting a ghost Amazon refund every few weeks, from when I re-confirmed my card.

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I don’t think it’s too sly or malicious. We’ve been one of the first banks to really expose these kinds of card checks to users so I don’t blame customer service people for seeing these kinds of queries, noticing that most of the people asking use Monzo, and thinking it may be us. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there a reason they show up on statements months later as (pending)? Feels so strange, especially for iTunes where they’re all -1 and +1 pairs.


It’s an issue where statements (and even the app to some extent) assume that everything that is not marked as fully settled is pending. I think it’s due to be looked at when statements get a v2 to use less paper for large numbers of transactions (currently in the design stage). :+1:


Yep, they definitely do this. It’s really annoying.

They also take the pound from all of my cards that are in my Amazon account when I make a change to one of them (rather than just the card changed or added)

Are the £0 active card checks one and same as the “Active card check” seen, and can be cleared, from Uber and Google and the like?

Correct. A £0 active card check is able to be cleared from the feed as it does not impact your balance.

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Thanks. Is that the “preferred” approach then? Seeing all this played out front and centre with Monzo has really revealed to me what a moveable feast this whole field is

That’s the preferred and Mastercard recommended approach (for pre-purchase, just adding a card to your account sort of checks at least), yes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had this problem with Amazon and Adobe.

Anyone had any experience of active card checks with Now TV and how quickly they refund it?

I signed up to Now TV on Monday, they did a 10p active card check, and it’s not been refunded yet. I’m not missing it obviously as it’s only 10p :joy: but I thought it would have refunded by now.

They charged the months subscription cost less than 1 minuet after the active card check charge.

My last experience of an active card was from iTunes, and they charged £1 and then refunded £1 within 1 minute of the initial charge.

How long have you waited? It can take over a week in some cases.

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I’ve had a Tesco one take a week or so if I remember correctly.

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Just since Monday this week, so not that long, just my previous experience of these things (with other companies) has been immediate.

Cool I’ll see what happens with it then :blush: