Traveling and hit with a £250 fraudulent charge. Help with Monzo response

Hello I am traveling and got hit with a £250 fraudulent charge. I saw this immediately and got in touch with Monzo Chat. I froze my card and they are sending me a new one on my travels overseas. Thanks! I am traveling with other cards and travel with emergency £ so I am OK.

However, I am really concerned about getting my stolen money back:

  1. I have not received my £ back. It is termed a dispute. OK. But I immediately marked it as fraud and got in touch with Monzo to tell them. Why do I have to wait? Isn’t there a difference between a disputed charge and fraud?

  2. It has been 36 hours and no one has gotten in touch with me regarding this fraudulent charge even though I was told 24 hours.

Question: How can I successfully manoeuvre the Monzo disputes department to get my £ back?

I doubt very much that Monzo will simply accept what any customer says in this regard. There will be an investigation, and depending on its outcome, your money may be refunded.

I dare say that Monzo receive occasional messages claiming fraud from customers who are themselves attempting to perpetrate a fraud.

Hopefully it will be resolved in your favour soon.


Monzo did the right thing. They refunded the fraudulent charge. It took a stressful 48 hours

Monzo did the right things and refunded the fraudulent charge. Thank you. Alas, it did take a 48 hour charge.

Sounds like a good, timely, outcome.


48 hours isn’t bad you know.

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Had a similar issue on my AmEx card, marked the transaction as a fraud and it got reversed within an hour or so.

48 hours is ridiculous - if the transaction proves to be real, they will re-debit you and it was my first fraud transaction. Guess if I had a history of fraud reporting, the reversal would not have been so quick.

48 hours is too long to wait.