Traveling and hit with a £250 fraudulent charge. Help with Monzo response

Hello I am traveling and got hit with a £250 fraudulent charge. I saw this immediately and got in touch with Monzo Chat. I froze my card and they are sending me a new one on my travels overseas. Thanks! I am traveling with other cards and travel with emergency £ so I am OK.

However, I am really concerned about getting my stolen money back:

  1. I have not received my £ back. It is termed a dispute. OK. But I immediately marked it as fraud and got in touch with Monzo to tell them. Why do I have to wait? Isn’t there a difference between a disputed charge and fraud?

  2. It has been 36 hours and no one has gotten in touch with me regarding this fraudulent charge even though I was told 24 hours.

Question: How can I successfully manoeuvre the Monzo disputes department to get my £ back?

I doubt very much that Monzo will simply accept what any customer says in this regard. There will be an investigation, and depending on its outcome, your money may be refunded.

I dare say that Monzo receive occasional messages claiming fraud from customers who are themselves attempting to perpetrate a fraud.

Hopefully it will be resolved in your favour soon.


Monzo did the right thing. They refunded the fraudulent charge. It took a stressful 48 hours

Monzo did the right things and refunded the fraudulent charge. Thank you. Alas, it did take a 48 hour charge.

Sounds like a good, timely, outcome.


48 hours isn’t bad you know.

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Had a similar issue on my AmEx card, marked the transaction as a fraud and it got reversed within an hour or so.

48 hours is ridiculous - if the transaction proves to be real, they will re-debit you and it was my first fraud transaction. Guess if I had a history of fraud reporting, the reversal would not have been so quick.

48 hours is too long to wait.

My son had fraud took aroubd a month and half and monzo asking lots of questions so dont hold your breath

This is hilarious. HSBC wouldn’t even let me do this from abroad…I had to wait almost 3 months to get back to the UK. 48 hours and to get a new card sent out in my opinion is brilliant!

Straight forward fraud gets refunded immediately (not 48hrs) pending investigation and then if it turns out not to be fraud then it’s reversed. They’ll be a reason why some have taken longer & banks will explain why unless they feel customer has not been entirely honest and need to double check before offering temporary refund. Where a customer is trying to defraud the merchant & bank their account gets closed and Monzo should do this too.