Can not Exit Business Signup

If you start down the rabbit hole of business signup then there’s no going back.

Good luck to the inquisitive who just want to know the details. They will be stuck until they force quit the app.

Also, don’t make a mistake as you can’t go back. Force quitting won’t help you here either.

I’m really surprised that the Monzo UX teams have missed these two basic requirements of a signup flow, going back and cancelling :man_facepalming:

As you say there doesn’t seem to be a way out of this sign up process , or anyway back if you make mistakes on the sign up to a business account - @leepethers @jrdn

as mentioned here a couple of weeks ago Business accounts are now open! by @misterm

Then to get out of the business sign up, you have to delete the app and reinstall , when back in you press on open a business account again and it takes you straight to the pick a plan stage , so not amendable that way , it just gives you pick Monzo pro …no escape … except back to pick a plan page …You need to delete and reinstall the app …again… to get back to the main app.

On sign up my email magic link then goes to my spam folder on my computer with no notification on my phone, I have to go onto my MacBook to find the email magic link in junk and move it out of junk , which then immediately appears on my phone email inbox to continue to the app - I have had this signup problem with the magic link before trying out the business sign up feed though .

app version 3.26 # 620

iOS iPhone 6

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Oh wow. This sounds super bad. :man_facepalming:

That is very concerning that it was missed

not being able to exit the business account flow(without closing the app) has been there since the business account was launched, I mentioned it in the announcement thread