Open business account seems to be broken (if you don't have a personal account)

Button “Get business bank account” on redirects to “monzo://business_account_signup?referrer=%2Fi%2Ftry-phone-business-signup” which opens up Monzo app on Android.

Unfortunately it gets stuck in the app showing: “Sorry, there was a problem. Please try again and contact us if it continues”.

It continues.

Not sure if it is relevant, I do not have Monzo current account, nor do I need one.

I would like to open a business account only if that at all works.

You need a Monzo personal account to open a business account


As above :point_up:

All the information can be found in the below article - it’s the main heading in the second section.

Oh, that is a very odd workflow.
Well, I suppose I’ll stick to high-street banking then. It is funny to read “There’s no endless paperwork, trips to the bank or waiting around for a decision” on Monzo. Maybe not physical paper indeed but it does not look less bureaucratic - just different kind of nonsense. Luckily there are alternatives.

Thanks for checking this.

Sorry, there was a problem. Please try again and contact us if it continues

This message on Monzo app was not helpful at all.

I haven’t checked anything :confused:

I assume you clicked the ‘apply now’ button under the heading ’ Already have a current account with Monzo?’

In which case that is expected, because you don’t have an account. You need to follow the steps in the section below that :slight_smile:

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I clicked on “Apply Now” button on top, it does not say anything about current account. It simply redirects to monzo://business_account_signup?referrer=%2Fi%2Fbusiness%2Fsign-up-for-business which does not work (and does not show correct error message if user holds no current account).

I’ve added a screenshot of the section you should be looking at in my above post :point_up:

You’re being a little too eager and not reading the page first before starting to click things :smiley:


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