Can not change phone number

**I can not change my mobile number
I’m in Vietnam now. Before I was in Mongolia. So I tried to change my phone number. The accept button never lit up.

The number is +84 and 9 digits.

I’m on an iPad 10.5
All latest iOS and App.

Have you tried emailing Monzo, or using in app chat?

Is your device set to English (UK) language?

Yes, English (UK) is my native language and Monzo is set for that.

I can’t see any option for live help chat. I remember doing it before but it’s not available now. Strange.

Monzo removed the Chat button for a selected group of users, but you can still contact Monzo via chat in the following way:

  • Tap on ‘Help’ at the bottom-right
  • In the search box type ‘contact’
  • In the list of suggested topics, tap on ‘Contacting support’
  • Half-way down the displayed information, tap on ‘chat with us in the app.’

I thought that Monzo only accepted +44 phone numbers (for UK accounts, at least). Or did I make that up?

Anyone got any experience of changing your phone number in app to a non UK number?

I don’t, but it’s not uncommon for U.K. business to accept anything but a +44 unless they operate on an international scale.

I even have issues with my 03 landline and mobile numbers being accepted. They’re perfectly valid numbers, but are discriminated against quite often because they’re not geographically localised, including by business that use 03 numbers themselves!

Probably best to try and get in touch with Monzo, but if they won’t for whatever reason accept a foreign number, then there are a few workarounds.

  • get a spare PAYG U.K. SIM card purely for the purpose of using Monzo. If your phone has dual sim, then even better.

  • buy a cheap U.K. mobile number from a VOIP service provider and have them route all calls and texts to your foreign number and email. It costs a small monthly fee, and I would recommend AAISP for this.

Hi, I was previously using a Mongolian number. So it was possible before. Maybe they changed it. I’ll try to chat with support. Maybe a bug or a feature.

Frankly, it’s an online bank and they’ve never needed to call me. So I’m not sure if it’s important or not.


I was able to find the live chat button eventually and a kind lady changed my phone number for me after checking my identity. She didn’t explain why I could not do it myself. But it’s definitely allowed to have a foreign phone with Monzo. Although I’m British, I don’t have a mobile account in the UK since I spend so little time there as a nomad.

Thanks for all your help.

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