Can I now delete the 'White Monzo Bank' app?

I finally got around to sorting my current account out (moving house, etc). Its all done, card arrived, switched over. As everything seems to have been updated on the existing app I used for prepay can I now delete the white ‘Monzo Bank’ app? (On android).

Thanks, Lloyd.

If you’ve migrated over your current account into the existing blue app, you can delete the white app :slight_smile:

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I’ve done that but I still seem to be using a Test Flight blue app. Is that correct?

That is correct. If you are on the iOS Beta programme you will be using a testflight app

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If you want to.

At the moment the TestFlight and App store apps are the same version (I think) so it makes no difference. If you’d prefer to use the production version for stability reasons (or whatever) then nothing will stop you installing it.

If you do do that, however, it might be worth contacting Monzo to give up you TestFlight ‘license’ in favour of someone else (if that’s how it works…)

Edit: Ah, Hugh’s around this morning. I’ll have to go quicker on the typing then. :wink: