Switched to a new phone, how to download current account app?

Hi all, I’ve had to switch to a new phone, and no longer have the original invitation to download the current account app - can anyone advise?



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Contact support through the prepaid app and they should be able to pass it on to CA support.

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Just download TestFlight. As long as you’re using same AppleID it will be sitting there waiting for you


though that obviously won’t be any use on the majority of phones which use Google Play Store.

when you contact Customer Operations make sure you tell them the email you use with the Store if different to your normal Monzo account email

Thank you both - James’ tip worked for me, and I’m back on course now.



I would assume google have a similar process though where you go into whatever their beta program is and as long as using same ID.

He also doesn’t say what phone his using so I don’t think there is any need for the sharpness in your response considering a majority (since all 10,000 TestFlight spaces have been used and there is 18,000+ current accounts) are using iPhones

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Glad it worked :smile:

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