Opening apps issues (current account & pre-paid)

(Mondo Alpha) #1

Went to open my pre-paid app today (haven’t used it in a while) to upgrade it and merge with my current account. App starts up to loading screen (blue with monzo logo), and then app closes. Went to open my current account app, and get the message “Monzo Bank” Beta has expired…

What do I do?

(Herp Derp) #2

Delete them all and download from Appstore as that is the latest one now.

That’s for iOS anyway I dunno about Android

(MikeF) #3

If you’re on iOS the white app was withdrawn a couple of weeks ago.

If the blue app doesn’t work at the moment try force closing and reopening and if there’s still no luck, delete it and redownload it then log in via the magic email method.

(Mondo Alpha) #4

Thanks all. Just deleted them and started again… upgraded and now everything back to normal.