Can anyone explain how the summary circle works? 😂

I’ve been trying to figure out how to read that circle in my summary page but it baffles me. I think I get that it’s like a clock and the line is moving around to the 12 position when I get paid, but I cannot work out what the other line means, the one that changes colour - green Amber and red. Doesn’t makes sense how it moves around and gets bigger and smaller.

It’s doing my head in :joy:

I read it as it’s representing the total amount of the budget that’s left and then the colour is green if you’re looking like you’re ‘ahead’ (so likely to stay in budget) to red if you’re ‘behind’ looking like you’re going to run out. This will change both as you spend and as the days of the month go by.

As an aside, some people will just ‘get’ visual things like this and some won’t - it depends how your brain works. Personally I much prefer numbers.

The line that moves is the date - the only thing that makes it move is time. The other line that changes colour depends on how much (and in particular how quickly) you spend. So the idea is that both lines should be in around about the same place the whole way around the clock. If the colour changing line moves faster than the short line then you will run out of money before payday (assuming you have a traditional job where you are paid once a month and no other income).

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If you have £300 for 30 days then you have £10 a day to spend.

Spend £50 a day for a week at the start and it will say “It’s looks like you might run out of money”

Spend £5 a day for a week at the start and it will say “you might have some money left over”

I switched mine off it just got annoying and didn’t work for me

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That makes total sense and after playing with moving from my main account to pots and back it has clicked into place! I’m guessing the line on the home screen is the same principal too. Thanks!

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I love having the ‘how much you have left’ figure. I think this is one of the features that differentiates Monzo from traditional banking apps (not actually sure though).

Personally the graphic has always confused me as well though.

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