Can any one help

av been locked out ov my app this comes up can any one help

What the best way to get in contact with monzo

Call the number on the card, or email, preferably from the email address attached to your account.

Before that, though, have you deleted and reinstalled the app?

Actually, have you tried unlocking the app?

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Yeah it will not let me do anythin an it’s has took my card at the machine

Have u ever seen that pic what I put on

I have. It says “Please unlock the app to continue.”

So, if you’ve tried that, you can contact Monzo by email, as I suggested, or try deleting and reinstalling the app.

Ok snd cheers

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agree with you completely but

  1. I suspect @Demmedelusive was intended as a tongue in cheek contribution based on his other posts and comments

  2. it’s just par for the course round here… Take a look at this thread Complaint stolen card where one regular calls someone an idiot and not only isn’t challenged but actually liked.


To quote @Peter_G because I think it applies here:


Thank you for your contribution.

What happens when you tap the ‘try again’ in the bottom right hand corner? Does it let you enter your PIN to unlock it?

Won’t let me do anythin it’s swollowed my card I think it’s frozen the account what will happenin to money goin in will the bounce off my account till this is sorted

Why would they have frozen your account?

If you delete and reinstall the app does it work? Did the cash machine give a message when it kept your card?

No still not work an just said contact bank but it s hard to get in touch

Have you tried phoning? Email tends to take a bit longer

Yeah it all automated Monzo good bank but when this happens hard work

So you got through then? What did they say?

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You were doing so well, and TBH I am with you on the message to step back. But this?

This is not helpful.

You suspect wrongly, but you seem to claiming the moral high ground today…so…anyway. :roll_eyes:


It’s not helpful to selectively quote in order to exclude the bit where I said:

Meaning I was not directing my observation at yourself. :+1: I’m sorry if you feel that it was aimed at you. It wasn’t.