Can 3rd parties pay money into my Monzo account

I use online casinos a lot, Id like to put my Monzo on a gambling site. Will i be able to withdraw any money i win from the gambling site into my monzo account?

if the card is accepted by the gambling site I would imagine it would be possible as its just a credit back to your card details maybe ask in app customer support, Monzo on twitter or - also be aware if you win big you may encounter the problem of limits that can be paid onto your card :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this qualifies but when I linked my Monzo CA to Paypal to verify they deposited £0.01 in the account. If they were able to, I would imagine everyone else could to.

Please be aware of this excerpt from Fair Usage:

If online gambling is the sole or main use of the Monzo card, we’ll work with the customer to understand their spending habits and why this use was necessary before any further action is taken

I’m not indicating anything around OPs habits (nor I would like to start a discussion about that), I’m just mentioning because it’s about gambling.


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